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1883 Letters Milton - Heffington
1883 Letters Milton - Heffington
Correspondence from Melbourne Milton to Kige Heffington, December 18 , 1940.... Melbourne Milton was the son of vigilante George Milton .The Houston Chronicle, December 15, 1940 interviewed Kige Heffington 1873- 1941 , one time peace officer and son of murdered Sheriff Boze Heffington .Melborne composed this letter three days later to Kidge. Many folks incorrectly cite the Heffington shooting as as the event that precipitated the Christmas killings. In the letter Melborne names his father Geo Milton and friend Tom Bishop as members of the " Committee " and talks about the gallon of whiski his daddy provided for the combination dance and hanging at the Earhart place ( Jan 1877 ) The letter starts with a description of how the Sheriffs blood dripped thru the mattress and onto the green rug in Geo Milton's parlor before the doctor could get to the house to tend to Bose's wounds. Then there was the night the Committee met in the little cemetery next to Milton's house , and " Father acted queer " how quite everything was until the next morning , Xmas Eve it did break loose..... 
2 1883 Related Photos & Documents
On Christmas Eve 1883 , Thad ,Wright McLemore and Henry Pheiffer were taken from the saloon in McDade , Texas and hung by vigilantes. On Christmas day the Batey brothers & family rode into McDade to exchange a pair of shoes and get medicine for a sick child . When Jack & Az Batey learned of the hangings an old west shoot out ensued . Two more family members lay dead before the dust cleared. I have spent ten years researching this event and gathering info from family members. Included in the section are some of the things I have collected over the years . 
Famosus Libellus  : Section Newspaper Clippings
Famosus Libellus : Section Newspaper Clippings
I began collecting newspaper articles in 2001 about the Christmas murders. Many are duplicated , as the story was picked up across the wires through out the United States . Headlines were changed often and sensationalized by individual newspapers in order to lure their readers. Most often the story remained the same, printed void of the facts in a time when libel suits were uncommon . My personal collection includes over 200 newspaper articles.