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Welcome to my website.

It is the result of many years of work. The primary focus of my research has been the descendants of Keton Jones McLemore, born circa 1809 in Kentucky, along with any McLemore line that connects or is thought to connect to him. It is my hope that with continued research, his ancestry can be conclusively proved. Please contact me if you can help, or if you see items I need to correct or add to. Please also contact me if you are interested in the ongoing McLemore DNA study. Additional volunteers are needed. I have learned that if your McLemore line uses the first names Felix, Thad, or Wright, you probably also descend from the Keton Jones’ family. I have also researched my paternal Terrill, Carter and Batey lines, as well as my mother’s Whitfield and Vaughan families.

You can not research the Keton Jones McLemore family, or those of any of his 16 children, without coming across the story of the 1883 Christmas Eve killings and subsequent Christmas Day shoot out in McDade, a tragedy that led to the death of Keton’s sons Wright and Thad, along with two of the Batey brothers and friend Henry Pfeiffer. Included in this site are many of the articles and media I have collected over the last decade relating to this event and the aftermath.

I want to first thank Maryon Alyce Winkler who taught me the art of researching. She has researched our families for more than 50 of her 86 years, as well as tended their graves. She was raised by her grandmother Pearl Lee, who took care of Uncle Haywood Batey in his last years. She has shared many memories with me. Maryon’s stories over the years have turned her pages of names and dates into the people that I have come to know as my family.

Though my father remained estranged from his McLemore relatives most of his life, he preserved and passed along to me a trunk full of letters, greeting cards and family photos. Among the papers were two sheets of paper handwritten by great-grandmother Carline Farris Terrill, nicknamed “Clemcat”

At the bottom of this fragile record, below the names & dates of family members, she wrote :

" ….I am going to make a book and I want all this in it. If there are any more children that died when borned if you had them named put it on here to….. "

My goal is to finish Grandmother Clemcat’s work. I owe a great debt to her and to all of my ancestors and cousins, who have preserved photos and documents that have allowed me to discover more about them, and myself as a result.

Lastly, I wish to thank Tom & Melinda McLemore Strong, for lending their computer skills to help me create this site. Melinda and I know we share a common ancestor through the yDNA study. One day, someone will come along with the missing puzzle piece, and all of our combined years of research on the McLemore’s will fall into place.